Person sexually attracted to intelligence

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Top definition. One who finds the content's of someone else's mind to be their most attractive attribute, above and before their physical characteristics.

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From the Latin root "sapien", meaning wise. The term is now becoming mainstream with dating apps such as OkCupid and Sapio giving users the ability to define their sexual orientations as "Sapiosexual.

Sapiosexuals: are some people really only sexually attracted to intelligence?

Escort duos who makes me reconsider my long-held beliefs and challenges my mind is a person I can easily fall for. There is no doubt that I'm a sapiosexual. Challenge Video.

Apr 23 Word of the Day. It is the sudden feeling of an inexplicable joy one gets when something romantic or idealistic occurs.

11 s you might be attracted to intelligence

Something you put on your dating profile if you want to be pretentious. I'm so intelligent that my sexual kink is attraction to Mensa members. I'm a sapiosexual! One who finds intelligence the most sexually attractive feature.

Mind over matter: why you’re attracted to intelligence

I male escorts rotherham someone for whom philosophical discussion is foreplay. I want someone who sometimes makes me go ouch due to their wit and evil sense of humor.

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I want someone that I can reach out and touch randomly. I want someone I can cuddle with.

12 s you are a sapiosexual — someone who is physically and mentally turned on by smart people

I decided all that means that I am sapiosexual. Ister May 26, A shibboleth used by poseurs attracted to the appearance of intelligence rather than actual intelligence.

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I totally identify as a sapiosexual so I find that guy with the bowler hat and handlebar mustache banging out his screenplay at the coffee shop on his Escorts santa maria typewriter while sipping his no-foam, decaf, soy latte and stroking his monkey totally hot. No, seriously. He must be smart. Sapiosexuals claim to be sexually attracted to their definition of intelligence.

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It's a new term that usually means you're attracted to someone who is able to explain things like scientific theories or philosophy or write poetry. It's basically whatever their specific idea of intelligence is.


This is more accurately labeled as a preference since sexual orientation refers only to the genders that you are attracted to. It does not include a concept like intelligence, which can't be clearly defined for every person. It means to be sexually attracted to intelligence above houston independent escort qualities.

In reality it's just a pretentious attempt at making yourself sound intellectual.

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Normal Person: Hey that rockhampton blue escort is cute! I'm gonna go talk to her. Douchebag: Oh, her? I struggle to find her attractive because she is substantially less educated than I am.

I'm not saying I'm too good for her, its just a fact: I'm sapiosexual.

Sapiosexuals: why we're scientifically attracted to intelligent people

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What does 'sapiosexual' mean?

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