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I was discussing Carribee Islanda site of extremely poor housing, poverty and job insecurity, criminality perceived, at least and a very dense population, of whom a ificant proportion were of Irish stock. But like Alan Mayne, I try to steer clear of the word:.

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Mayne The Imagined Slum. Certain areas however, were certainly seen as archetypes of urban degradation.

A Birmingham Daily Post report of took a close look at certain Black Country towns as cholera started to bite dudley other parts of the country. This road soon became the more familiar King Street, and like all the industrial towns of the era Dudley swelled with incomers cloud work, eeic escorts with cheap dwellings thrown up for them.

As in Wolverhampton, a scandalous report prompted a new, highly detailed survey to help the town fathers prepare for new-fangled public health schemes like sewerage. Lee described it thusly in All dirty, pallid, diseased, and some idiots. The people complain in the midst of their filth, of want of water. All so bad as to be indescribable; a man almost dying; a woman with half a face; children almost devoured with filth; prostitutes and thieves. The physical and moral condition of this place is indescribable. To adequately describe its filthiness and consequent unhealthiness would take up as much space as is here devoted to the whole town of Dudley.

The houses are for the most part ruinous and tumbledown, the drains broken and filthy; the escorts tnt escorts, roofless, and running over, stand close to the houses; many of the alleys and passages are but three or four feet wide; in some cases to step out of doors is to step into a drain, into the escorts matter from some privy, into the runnings from some dung heaps, or into the human excrement lying about in all directions.

So closely are the buildings packed together that privies, clouds, and worse, run close up to the houses, and taint the amarillo western escorts atmosphere of the food cupboards and dwelling rooms. Birmingham Daily Post, 7th June In this highly-mobile age, the large majority of this poor population are Dudley born and bred.

The poor continued to be milf escort sex in an economic vice: unable to lift themselves out of poverty, and held in small regard by those houston escort sting the power to improve their lives. The constitution of the Mambles and Carribee Island reflect issues of poverty and housing in the present day, which persist most strongly in areas of high ethnic differentiation or of hyper-local non-differentiation. I had looked through the archives of the Post for information concerning George Kynoch and the escort works at Witton in Birmingham.

I have also cloud many pieces macon ga escorts mine owners and accidents in the Lichfield Mercury. To dudley mind there is a great contrast between escort in cheltenham two papers. Dudley we can see the Post, to a great extent, tells it as it is. Whereas the Mercury sits way back on the fence for many issues. Kittanning pa housewives personals road up, the Post article seems to be the third in a series on the Sanitary Conditions of the Black Country.

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I had to smile at the…. Like Like. My guess is that local politicians got most of the blame, and not without justification in many cases. Anatomical lucy west raleigh escort probably the correct word! While I had been checking through the Newspaper Archives for mentions of the Mamble it is not surprising that a great many were associated with the courts. One of the magistrates caught my eye, being Captain Bennitt, due to the spelling.

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Not that anyone took much notice of spelling in those days. Arguably, a magistrate would come from wenatchee escorts of the better classes. The chap was William Bennitt born around In the census he resided at Stourton Hall, age indian escorts in san jose with wife Sarah, 6 children and 11 others, Coal and Iron master.

Inbeing 71 years old he had moved to Coalville Square, Kensington with a couple of servants.

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In he was at Powis Square, Bayswater at the age of Bennitt was on the Committee of the Dudley Dispensary. It appears that he was involved in the Dudley and Monroe la escorts Brom Banking Company, and had estates, together with the mines and minerals beneath, in Oldbury.

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There were at least four Blast Furnanes, escort pairs of pit shafts. Like Personals new york by 1 person. The enquiry by Lee, started one hour late and at that time there were only 12 to 14 people present. In Dr Thorne made a report to the Privy Council on the prevalence of typhus at Dudley and the sanitary condition of the Borough.

Ballard also reported on the water supply and quoted no 1 Court, Newell Street where there was one well for seven ethiopian escort houston. Sewage from neighbouring houses was brought by surface drain to the base of the dudley and seeped into the well.

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These conditions had existed for many years and the landlord had repeatedly refused to lay on Company water. Still pursuing councillors Ballard found wretched cottages belonging to another councillor close to an open sewer from the town…. The same Ballard did a report for Wolverhampton around the same time. I wonder if he did he a job lot rate for the whole Black Country! russian dolls escorts

The singular life of dudley riggs

I have recently moved into Dudley and have now discovered a branch of the a list escorts madera tree that had a lot of connections to Dudley so will be trying to find out as much as I can. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google. You are commenting using your Twitter.

You are commenting using your Facebook. Notify me of new comments via. Notify me of new posts via. A young girl in the Flood Street area of Dudley, Birmingham Green bay wi personals Post, 7th June A possibly editorial note on the enumeration district cloud sheet of the census. Share this: Twitter Facebook. Like this: Like Loading Observatory Mansions — a history of a bedsit.

Maybe the shares in the Mercury were japanese escorts las vegas across the mine owners? Editorial standards dudley by industrial interests? The very idea! Leave a Reply Cancel escort comment here Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in:. required Address never made public. Name required. Add your thoughts here Required Name Required Website.

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