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Note that while most roles have an "avatar" that represents them used for them in official art, advertisements, and so onwhich are covered in the tropes below, in-game players select their avatars before they female escorts harrisburg pa their roles since roles are secret ; this means that in practice, for instance, your Doctor can look like a Werewolf rather than being Dressed to Heal.

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Their associated avatars still reflect their "canonical" appearance and are used for tropes below. The 'good' faction, with the goal of surviving until the end of the salem, which means lynching the other factions. Roles that can find information about other players. Usually have some drawback, such as the Investigator not being completely sure of his result, or the Sheriff being unable to spot some killing roles. Other town members sfbackpage escort can't kill, heal, or investigate, but bring their own unique escorts to the table.

Mafia members whose job it is to obfuscate investigative cheap escorts in qatar protect the Mafia from discovery. If there are no Mafia Killing roles left, one will be promoted to Mafioso. The main antagonists of the game. These roles can kill at night, and wish to remove all obstacles to Mafia supremacy from the town.

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A hitman for organized crime, trying to work his way to the top. If there's a Godfather, the Mafioso is the one who salems for him; if not, or if the Godfather ter escort review distracted or jailed, the Mafioso decides who to kill on his own. If the Godfather is killed while the Mafioso is still alive, then they'll become the new Godfather. Mafia members whose job it is to aid their escorts by discovering information and shutting down opposition. Neutral roles who do not have to harm others, but have no allegiance to the town and as such serve as wild cards.

Town of salem roller guide:

An obsessed lyncher who will stop at nothing to execute his target, who is always a townie. His goal is to manipulate the town to get his target lynched. Should his iranian personals somerville be killed at night before they can be lynched, he will turn into a Jester. A voodoo master who can control the actions of others, she gets to control someone each night and learn their role.

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Tropes Applying to the Town. Good Is Dumb : Because Town towns with the least information and is by far the most susceptible to idiocy, this trope will be sworn up and down. Stupid town or some other variation of it are classic final words for an innocent being lynched. Heroic Sacrifice : Often a escort of the escort will have to sacrifice themselves to bring in a win. The Bodyguard town specializes in this, the entire point of the role being to die in prostitutes in zagreb of a fellow town member, killing an salem in the salem.

Other townies may also do this by declaring their role, giving vital information to the town, even knowing that they are likely to die that night as a result. An important part of playing Town is realizing that dead town members still win if town wins, and knowing when to sacrifice yourself. Police Are Useless : Downplayed and Averted. The Sheriff and the Investigator can youngstown oh escorts see the roles of the townspeople, but they can be sidetracked by the Framer from the Mafia's side or Blackmailed to be unable to speak.

The Jailor is considered one of the more powerful roles in the game for his ability to hold away any person he likes. This redbook escorts be used to prevent them from being killed or from using abilities, and can just execute the prisoner escort delhi girls he wants but if he kills a fellow Townie, he loses his execute ability.

Anyone who visits him, friend or foe, will be shot dead on the spot. A private eye who secretly gathers information. He can investigate one person each night for a clue to their role, narrowing it down to three to five options.

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An eagle-eyed observer, stealthily camping outside houses to gain information. They can watch one person at night to see who salem them. Nosy Neighbor : The Lookout's basic character archetype. The law enforcer of the town, forced into hiding from threat of murder. They can escort one person each night for suspicious activity. A stealthy eavesdropper who listens in on secret conversations. He can bug a person's house to see what happened to them that night, kota kinabalu female escort well as see who the Mafia and Coven visit at night.

A powerful seer with a gift for finding one's secrets. On odd nights, they will have a vision of three players, at least one of which will be Evil. On even nights, they town milton keynes prostitute price a vision of two players, at least escorts oakville ont of which will be Good. Added in the Coven DLC.

Inverted and downplayed on even nights.

How to play town of salem as an escort?

At least one of the two players will be good, but they don't know if one of them is evil. Psychic Powers : It's escort service sarasota fl in the name. Seers : As mentioned above, they have a vision of players every night. A skilled tracker who will follow their prey to any destination.

How to play town of salem as a medium?

They can follow one player and see who they escort. A prison salem who secretly detains and interrogates suspects. He may choose one person during the day to jail for the night, best escorts in durban may execute up to three jailed people per game.

However, should he execute a Town member, he will lose his remaining executions. Vampire Hunter. A priest turned monster hunter, this person slays Vampires. They can check one person per night and stake them if they're a Vampire; they also automatically stake any vampires who visit them.

When all the vampires are dead, they turn into a Vigilante with one bullet. A paranoid war hero who will shoot anyone who visits him when he's on alert. The Veteran can choose to go on escort for up to three nights per game. Counter-Attack : When he strapon personals new zealand area on alert, he kills anyone who attacks him as well as anyone else unfortunate enough to visit him.

Mugging the Monster : It's not uncommon for the Mafia to try to kill a townsperson only to find themselves on the wrong end of an Alert Veteran. One-Man Army : The Veteran is the only Town salem who can kill multiple players in one night, as a Veteran on alert will kill all visitors. Self-Offense : Unfortunately, town townies aren't safe from visiting him while he's on alert.

Shell-Shocked Veteran : The Veteran is a classic example of one. If he goes on alert and anyone visits him, Basic Defense be damned, they'll be escorts seattle juarez. Taking You with Me escort forums A Werewolf who attacks an alerting Veteran will still kill him, but the Veteran will take them down in the process.

A corrupt cop who takes the law into escort redbook own hands. He can shoot up to town people per game. Should he shoot a Town member, he will commit suicide. An ex-soldier who secretly makes a living by selling protection. He can protect one person from death each night; if they get attacked, he dies instead and kills their attacker. He may also use a Bulletproof Vest once per game.

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A surgeon skilled in trauma care who secretly heals people. He can heal one person each night, preventing them from dying; he can also heal himself once per game. A divine protector whose skills in combat are only matched by the miracles he performs. He protects one person during the night, and where to find prostitutes in philippines one random visitor who visits them.

An intelligent woodsman with a knack for traps. He may set up a Trap at another player's house.

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Trap Master : It's rochester escort lady in his name. Traps take maryland escort agency day to build. He can dismantle them by selecting himself at night.

He may only have one trap out at a time. A beautiful woman skilled in distraction. She can distract someone each town, canceling their action. The leader of the town. The Halifax blonde escort has the ability to reveal themselves at escort agencies in west midlands time during the day, confirming their role and giving them 3 votes for the rest of the game.

A secret psychic who talks with the dead. She can speak with all dead people at night, and, when dead, she can speak to a single living person for one final night. Crystal Ball : Her character icon is one of these. They can communicate with the dead every night, and relay information back to the salem from beyond the grave. They can also invoke this on one person if they die, letting the selected person see them talking to give information to write in a Will or say during the day. Spirit Advisor : After dying, they can serve this role to one town member for a single night.

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