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I f you get a kick out of exploring the heaving chasm between what people say and what they actually do, then the World Economic Forum, in Davos, is basically your Disneyland.

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A t investigation by The Times of London and Channel 4 this week revealed that—despite its grandstanding rhetoric about female equality—Davos is brimming with all manner of seamy debauchery. For the duration of the forum, the investigation claimed, the tiny Swiss town midlands escorts moncton flooded with foreign sex workers.

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Davos parties are spiked with beautiful Russian models in tight dresses who swan about with nebulously defined roles. You or them?

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You get the sense that passion personals is less a groundbreaking investigation and more a slight amplification of an open secret. In the Channel 4 documentary, when mature escort wollongong undercover reporter ducks into a bathroom to shake off an unwanted kiss by a male delegate, she finds herself counseled by a woman who is no stranger to the issue herself.

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They can do whatever they want. A Sunday Times headline that read, at parties and events, men tried to get sexbasically describes every party ever held.

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The fact that all of this is now public will nevertheless damage the cheap escorts scotland of Davos. This is, after all, a gathering that permanently struggles against the assumption that it is a place for rich and powerful men to meet up and show off.

Davos claims of sexual harassment and use of sex workers during gathering

The investigation is another that MeToo is slowly heading for the world of business. One day after the Presidents Club investigation was published, the charity was shuttered.

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